Services We Offer

Our student employees are diverse, talented, and hard-working. What they can do is almost limitless. We currently operate basic and advanced call center operations, data mining and analytical services, telephone sales support, ticket sales, event support, and donor solicitation.

Custom Ventures

We develop custom ventures with our business partners, then hire the right students to support that business partner. Need accounting students to support your staff during tax season? UMRF Ventures can do that. Are you a non-profit and want to raise money? We can have our students solicit your donor list.


Call Center

Student employees at the support center will handle technical support calls including "first level" technical support, like phone configuration and basic application and computing device troubleshooting.


The students, primarily in science, technology, engineering and mathematics work with command center teams, using advanced software technologies to dig into operational and network performance data and look for possible system improvements.

Much More..

We have the unique opportunity to have our student employees fill any need your company may be looking for. From jobs in accounting to marketing, we can offer students employees who are constantly learning the newest practices in their trade.

Next Steps...

Do you want to establish a talent pipeline for your future hiring needs? Come work with UMRF Ventures and our talented students!