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Our Students

Our student employees work in a variety of different ventures, providing paid services to our partner companies. We operate both inbound and outbound Call Centers, on the Memphis and Lambuth campuses. We have student internship programs with partner companies. Our students provide services to both for-profit and nonprofit companies in Memphis.

MHA Students


Our employees are both undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of academic curriculums. They work approximately 10-20 hours per week; after training, they earn approximately $15/per hour to $25/hour. Many earn more in supervisory positions.

Student Success Stories

Dylan Daulton's testimonial:

“I believe working at UMRFV assisted me with putting my education to work in a real environment. Since I was a Business Information Technology major I was able to learn a lot from UMRFV."

"Since UMRFV partners with FedEx, I had a large lead over others in the hire process. Coming into my new position, I not only am already familiar with most FedEx apps and processes, but can also assist my team with my technical expertise gained from my time with UMRFV."

"If anyone at the University of Memphis wants real world work experience, I would highly recommend they work at UMRFV while attending school. It was a great experience and prepared me more than any other candidate for the job.”

Jacob Maher's testimonial:

“UMRFV gave me an introduction to a professional working environment with a culture focused on learning and developing skills."

"UMRFV prepared me with the communication skills needed to navigate a professional environment and to really be successful in it."

"My time at UMRFV has taught me many different types of methodologies and ways to manage my time and projects to be successful. It has taught me to be agile in my work and to always be incorporating new ideas and styles to present my very best work and to give the greatest value add I can offer.”

Matt Hume's testimonial:

“What I found there was a welcoming team, supportive management always looking to cultivate growth, and abundant opportunity to apply myself towards not only real-world business projects but a peer-driven think tank.”

“The work I did at UMRFV and the business relationships I cultivated have directly led me to my current position in the IT field.”

“At UMRFV I learned the pace of business. I learned to be agile and deliver results based on changing needs and new technologies.”

“The environment at UMRFV teaches you things you don’t and won’t learn in a classroom.”

Zachary Taylor's testimonial:

“Through my time at UMRFV, I learned new skills like HTML and SQL and how to use programs such as Splunk and GitLab that have assisted me in my professional endeavors.”

“UMRFV also provided the opportunity to develop my organization and troubleshooting skills, as well as how to effectively communicate and collaborate in various team settings.”

“UMRFV helped prepare me for my future in that it provided me the skills necessary to be successful and developed my initiative to keep the customer in mind in everything that we do.”

Jake Khuc's testimonial:

“UMRFV was vital to my success because they gave me the experience and real-world training needed to tackle my role.”

“UMRFV enhanced my critical thinking and problem-solving skills because of the theory to always go above and beyond for my clients.”

“I believe UMRFV has taught me more than in a classroom setting. They go over basics with you then throw you in to gain the experience necessary to tackle any situation.”

Andrew Edmiston's testimonial:

“One of the biggest advantages of working at UMRFV is being able to find out whether you like field oriented work or not."

"I had no idea what being a Systems Analyst entailed when I started, but I ended up loving it! Also, having over 2 years' experience to put on my resume and knowing people from the field certainly helped with getting my first full-time job!”

Chloe Bancroft's testimonial:

“ As a UMRFV employee, I was able to work on real world data analytics applications while studying some of the same lessons and concepts in school."

“This allowed me to deepen my understanding of the lessons taught in school since I was able to see how a large company, like FedEx, puts these applications into practice.”

“I was able to see some of the smaller details that aren't necessarily taught or focused on in the classroom. With 2+ years of experience prior to graduation, I was able to obtain an intermediate to mid-level role instead of an entry level position.”